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About Us

Who we are

Healthylicious Kitchen is a VIRTUAL Restaurant tucked away in the south Delhi neighborhood. It is our belief that pure, good food plays a vital and significant role in our lives, promoting physical and emotional well-being. We like to encourage everyone to eat nutritious and appetizing food with our range of vitalizing all day power meals and salads.
We offer unique combination of Nutri-dense, additive/preservative free* Indo- continental meals & salads curated in-house through extensive research.
Every effort is placed to create a wow in what we offer you from our unpretentious kitchen.  We do not offer any food on the menu because it is trending, we do it only if it smells, tastes and looks wow and not to forget We bring it to your doors! Hope you will love it.

Where it all began

Gunjan Hassan & Arman Ahmed, Co-Founders of Healthylicious Kitchen have been on a journey together as life partners for more than 16 years now . They embarked on launching Healthylicious Kitchen in the March of 2017. Between the two of them they have decades of business experience across reputed corporates.
"Scarcity is the mother of invention". Couple of years back finding refreshing, flavorful Salads n meals were nothing short of a treasure hunt. It all started in the summers of 2015 from making salads for self and then making it for friends with similar interest in fitness n food. That’s how we got it rolling post 2 years of rigorous work on research, development and trials to bring the concept out in the market. We started with our first order in the form of a weekly subscription and there begins the journey.
Healthylicious Kitchen reflects our passion and values: Appreciation for well-made things, food or otherwise, affinity for leading life full of vitality and a belief that promoting health makes the world a better place.

How we do it

Preparing a Real Good Cuisine is a labor-intensive process, requiring a lot of prep time, nutritional knowledge, special products, and unusual methods. For flavor, most recipes require many different herbs, vegetables, and spices which need to be measured, soaked, chopped, blended, roasted or juiced to get the right texture & consistency.
Our Food is made up of fresh, whole & unprocessed ingredients. Our choice of greens & meats are premium, they are prepared at ambient temperature to preserve precious enzymes which are the life force of food. Our spread is rich in protein, vitamins, phytonutrients ,minerals, essential fats, fiber, and enzymes.
We are selective in choosing the oils which goes into your food . We always use Rock salt and natural unrefined sugar . Our Spices are grinded in-house to give a superior quality and flavor.

"We don't just say it's good for you, it actually is!"

We've taken our time to source the high quality ingredients from local markets and high integrity suppliers.  Our recipes are designed to nourish the body, give you energy, and make you feel good! Need we say more?

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    New Delhi


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